Wildlife on Roads and Car Insurance Quotes in Austin TX

Animals can do considerable damage when they collide with your vehicle. Depending on the speed you are traveling, you risk bodily injuries if you hit an animal or swerve to avoid one in the road. Although you know not to swerve, it is a natural human reaction. Wildlife on roads is a common occurrence. You can get better car insurance quotes in Austin Texas when you know how to handle this type of situation and act accordingly.

Reality of Wildlife on Roads

While it is common to see wildlife while you are driving, you may not be aware of how widespread car accidents are that involve animals. After considering the following statistics, you may think differently about your defensive driving techniques.

    • A car collides with an animal nearly every 40 minutes

    • Approximately 90% of such collisions happen on two-lane roads

    • One out of every 17 car accidents involve an animal

    • Almost 85% of accidents involving wildlife take place on dry roads

    • It costs, on average, $2,800 to repair a car that hits a deer

    • Car-wildlife collisions kill approximately 200 people annually

There is no way to predict if you will become the victim of a car-wildlife collision. However, there are certain steps you can take to reduce your chances of being involved in this type of accident.

Taking Precautions Against Wildlife on Roads

As the driver of your vehicle, you are responsible for maintaining control at all times. You can take precautions to limit your risk of running into animals while you are driving. The more of these precautions you take, the lower your chances of hitting an animal:

    • Consider the illumination range of headlights which is no more 250 feet. Increase your available reaction time by driving no faster than 45 mph at night in good weather and around 30 mph in poor weather conditions.

    • Limit night driving since that is the time wildlife is more likely to be out and about.

    • Be aware of yellow signs denoting animal crossings. Reduce your speed and prepare to stop if necessary to avoid hitting an animal.

    • Slow down if you see reflecting eyes. If you can see the eyes, the animal is close enough to run out onto the road.

    • Remember that many animals travel in groups. Reduce speed if you see one animal cross and give followers enough time to get across too.

Maintaining Insurance

Insurance is another layer of protection against wildlife. When using car insurance quotes in Austin TX, you should not buy a liability-only policy. You will need collision coverage to pay for damages caused by hitting an animal. Car insurance quotes in Austin Texas can help you find the best coverage for your driving situation. If you drive at times that increase the chances of running into wildlife, you might want to consider purchase additional insurance with car insurance quotes in Austin TX.

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