Texas Motor Speedway and Car Insurance Quotes in Fort Worth TX

When you feel the need for speed in Fort Worth, look no further than the Texas Motor Speedway. With a crowd capacity beyond 190,000, it is one of the largest speedways in the country. It is known for hosting races in the Indy Racing League IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series among other major racing events. As long as you have proper insurance, you can participate in several driving experiences on this 1.5 mile oval track.

Driving Schools

You can enroll in one of six driving schools.

    1. Team Texas operates throughout the year and is a Stock Car Driving School. It is the only such school that uses authentic Sprint Car Race Cars and approved NASCAR racing engines. Ten students are on the track at the same time reaching speeds in excess of 150 mph.

    2. NASCAR Racing Experience offers students the opportunity to drive a real NASCAR star's race car including those formerly driven by Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.

    3. Mario Andretti Experience allows you to race on the speedway without the benefit of a lead car. You get to set your own pace in an authentic Indy-style car. A personal racing instructor will be providing guidance during your experience.

    4. Richard Petty Experience gives you the thrill of riding shotgun in a NASCAR race car reaching speeds up to 165 mph. You can also drive the race car yourself for 8 to 80 laps around the speedway.

    5. Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure instructs students on driving a stock car at various levels ranging from a 4 Lap Qualifier Ride to the ultimate 80 Lap Championship Challenge.

Whatever your preference, there is a driving school that is right for you. You can also purchase a gift certificate for one of these schools to present to someone for a special occasion.

Racing Vacations

The Texas Motor Speedway offers unique racing vacations. You can camp or stay in a hotel. As an added incentive, the speedway has a vacation package you can purchase through Premiere Sports Travel that takes care of all of your race weekend needs. The package includes tickets, hotel, round-trip motorcoach transportation, staff assistance, hospitality deals, and welcome gifts.

Friday Night Drags

Street style drag racing is open to anyone with a car. You pay a $20 entry fee to race or $7 to watch. All vehicles are placed in a class based on type of vehicle and modifications made to it. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are among the types of vehicles eligible to race.

Insurance Requirements

If you plan to attend the Texas Motor Speedway as a spectator, you simply need traditional insurance to protect your vehicle in the parking lot. You can get car insurance quotes in Fort Worth TX if you need a better policy. Many policies do not provide coverage for racing. When getting car insurance quotes in Fort Worth Texas, you may need to talk to an insurance representative to review your options in greater detail.

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