History of Automobiles and Car Insurance Quotes in San Antonio TX

San Antonio is perhaps most known for the Alamo where the famous Davy Crockett lost his life. During that time, the primary mode of transportation was horses. Like every community, San Antonio has a starting point when it comes to automobiles. However, as the second largest city in Texas and the seventh largest in the country, San Antonio has a richer car history than many other communities.

The Beginning

The first vehicle, a horseless carriage, appeared in San Antonio in 1899. It was not until 1901 that the first car powered by gasoline arrived in the city. However, the first advertisements for the automobile did not appear until 1902, disappeared, and then reappeared in 1909. This marked the birth of San Antonio's car culture. During this time, the prices of vehicles were expensive which prevented many residents from buying one since the cost was greater than the majority of houses. Typically, only doctors and bankers could afford to own an automobile. Other notable events during this time period:

    • For $650 you could buy a Curved Dash Oldsmobile which sped along at 30 mph

    • San Antonio Automobile Club was founded in 1903 with thirteen members

    • First bonds were issued to pay for road improvements to the tune of $750,000

    • Race tracks were built in 1909

    • Ford Model T was introduced in San Antonio

    • Dealerships were established by 1912

San Antonio published its first road rules in 1910. The first rule is that vehicles must be driven on the right side of the road. While we still follow this rule today, what makes it interesting is that it was not until Henry Ford developed the Model T that the steering wheel was on the left side of the car. So, when this rule was established, drivers were located on the right side of the automobile, farther away from the driver of an approaching vehicle.

San Antonio Today

The speed at which San Antonio embraced the automobile is staggering. It became the first major city in the country to end street rail car services. By 2006, San Antonio was home to a new Toyota factory producing one new Tundra truck every 73 seconds or 200,000 trucks each year. Of course, as more people began buying automobiles, accidents started to occur more frequently. This resulted in the establishment of Financial Responsibility Laws. By the 1950s, most states and communities had some type of insurance requirement.

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